We are proud of our work, and as a manufacturer of high-end guitars, Magneto Guitars (represented by MIC) offers a limited lifetime warranty on our instruments for any defects on wood materials and workmanship.

Parts such as bridges, pickups, pots, and tuning machines are covered by a 3-year warranty.

The warranty is valid for intruments owned by the original retail purchaser that were exclusively purchased through an authorized Magneto-Guitars Dealer. The warranty will only be accepted on instruments that have been registered at Magneto Guitars within 10 days of purchase. Therefore, Warranty cases that were transfered from a previous owner will not be valid.

Any defects on wood materials and finish will be determined for warranty coverage exclusively by Magneto Guitars. Magneto Guitars does not cover replacement instruments during warranty repair. All warranty work or part replacement will be made solely by Magneto Guitars, or by an authorized Magneto Guitars dealer or distributor.

All normal wear and tear on paints, woods and frets due to use, aging or climate will not be covered by the warranty. Shipping damages, improper repair, misuse, abuse, accidents, non lacquer safe guitar stands, defaults due to high humidity or temperatures, and any default due to neglect are not covered by the warranty.

To validate your warranty, please register the serial number and model of your guitar under the "registration" page of this website.

Please check with your dealer for specific warranty regulations depending on your country and dealer's policy. All warranty matters must be handled through your dealer; shipping costs will not be covered by Magneto Guitars.