Passion, Experience and Friendship


Magneto Guitars was born out of passion, friendship, and the dream to create a level of quality never before reached in guitar manufacturing.

After 20 years of experience in the field of electric guitar design and manufacturing, Christian Hatstatt decided to create a new line of high caliber instruments that would appeal to the most discerning musicians.

The input of top guitar players and years of workshop repair helped to set a foundation for new ideas.The development of the first instruments was completed in September 2008. One month later, Christian joined forces with his old friend Kei San and a team of the world's finest luthiers, and Magneto Guitars was born.

Within a couple of years, Magneto Guitars has become the guitar of choice for many recording and touring musicians all over the world.

All instruments are designed and handbuilt in one and the same place, a place where luthiers and musicians meet to create the Magneto Artistry.


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Natural resources are not endless, a good reason to use them properly.

The original idea behind the Magneto guitars was to create and build superior instruments by preserving the original guitar manufacturing process. As opposed to a mass production approach, Magneto Guitars are handmade by highly skilled luthiers. Along those same lines, we exclusively use the highest quality parts that undergo very strict quality and environmental controls.

At the time we began our first design and prototypes, we put a lot of time into the research of the perfect shape: the idea was to improve both tonal balance and ergonomics. Our experience in design has proven that putting the right amount of wood in certain key areas and letting them vibrate would definitely improve the instrument's tonal balance and would also avoid dead spots, which is still a common problem on many of today's instruments.

For our first guitar model, called The Sonnet, we began by deciding on a distinctive tonal character we wanted to achieve. From there, we fine tuned the instrument in order to enhance its tonal balance with our body and neck designs. The same concept was used for the design of the T-Wave guitar. We have ended up calling the designs "Tone-Influent" Shapes, the end result being a more balanced tone all over the fretboard, and a better overall resonance.

Magneto guitars are the combination of new world design and old world craftsmanship!