The U-Wave Deluxe

The U-Wave Deluxe

hitting the stores this month!
Lefthand Guitars!

Lefthand Guitars!

The Magneto U-One Sonnet Classic and the UT-Wave Classic are now available in their lefthand versions
King's Guitar...

King's Guitar...

...the New Sonnet Eric Gales RD3
The Sonnet

The Sonnet

All handmade


from roots to rock with the most versatile 2 pickup guitar

Welcome to Magneto Guitars

At Magneto Guitars we believe that a superior instrument will create better connection to your musical sensitivity. A great guitar design is reached once aesthetics, functionality and tone come together, but great design is nothing without perfect execution in construction. In other words, we place equal importance on what lies beneath the surface.
Each Magneto instrument is handmade by experienced luthiers using the highest-grade materials under very strict controls on quality and integrity of build. Magneto guitars are made for artists; arts shall speak the truth.


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Science, Lutherie and Magic

We have been lucky enough to cross paths with some of the most brilliant guitar players all over the world, and a lot of them have given us their musical or intuitive feelings about guitars. This input has been seriously considered during the design of the Magneto instruments. Instead of sticking with what we know as experienced guitar makers, we tried to find out if musical intuitiveness can translate into science or lutherie. We must admit that this method gave us a lot of new information which helped to define a new approach of guitar design.

The first thing that happens when playing a guitar is the physical contact to the player's body. You can can make an easy experiment of playing an open string and finding out where it vibrates on the guitar; try putting your finger a bit everywhere and you'll discover areas which you would not have thought of. Take the headstock as an example: try to feel its great vibration while playing. This is one of the few sensitive points we have been working on: headstock mass and size. Equal importance has been put on the bridge area, which is the second pivot point in the string; we put a fair amout of mass in that area, reducing the mass in some other, less influential areas of the guitar.

On some models, we clearly searched for a distinctive tone and enhanced its balance with our body and neck designs. We ended up calling these designs "Tone-Influent" Shapes. In the same way ancient violin-makers used to tap-tune their tops, we tune our shapes, the end result being a more balanced tone all over the fretboard.

This is why we believe that a better instrument will have greater interaction with the player and his or her musical sensitivity.

Handmade Means?


... that we do not use our feet, of course! All jokes aside, there have been many discussions and questions on this topic, and the industry is often unclear about the definition of "Handmade" or even "CustomShop."

At Magneto Guitars, "Handmade" clearly means that there is no automated CNC process during the making of the instruments. Our build methods remain true to traditional lutherie. The woods are cut by hand; shapes and cavities are routed by hand; fretting, finishing, sanding and buffing is done by hand; and of course so is soldering, assembly and final set-up. The "hands" we are talking about belong to professional and experienced luthiers.

Why do we explain this?

Because besides using high grade materials, this is what distinguishes a musical instrument from a "product". While CNC is certainly precise and cost effective, the human touch is what makes every instrument unique.

A Word on Design

Our bodies and necks have been designed for optimal comfort, for the specific tones we want to reach, but also for the best possible vibration of the most sensitive areas.


Ex: The Sonnet

As you can see on the picture, both the upper and lower horns produce quite noticeable vibrations. This is one reason why our pickguard does not cover the lower horn, keeping it free to vibrate. The same applies to the headstock and the nut areas. It is particularly obvious that the neck is a sensitive area.

Fig1. Simplified example of measurements made on a Sonnet guitar applying a 400 Hz frequency. Although the whole instrument is virbrating, Red areas show the most important vibrating areas, orange areas show secondary vibrating areas. It is interesting to note that the bridge area's vibrations are absorbed by the bridge itself. 

It is clearly evident that on a solid body electric guitar, the neck/nut/headstock area is more mobile than the bridge area.

sonnet-headstock small

Our research has proven that additional mass in the headstock area can drastically reduce deadspots. You can try this on your guitar by putting a clamp or a capo on the headstock: it will have an effect on the decay of the tone and change the guitar's sound.

Hence, all Magneto necks have a substantial amount of headstock mass (they are slightly thicker at 15mm,) which adds to the overall resonance and evens the response on the entire fingerboard.


us-alder--us-maple small

Our tonewoods come from North America, mainly Alder for the bodies and Hard Rock Maple for our necks. The fingerboards are made of East Indian Rosewood.

We use American Alder as the material for our Sonnet and T-Wave guitar bodies. It's a medium-weight wood and provides a resonant, warm, and even sound, with decent sustain and a slightly pronounced upper-midrange.

Hard Rock Maple is a hard, dense wood and generally produces a bright sound. Its stability makes it the ideal wood for necks. Our necks are flat sawn, and we have very good results both in terms of tone and stability. 

Indian Rosewood is a smooth grained wood with a wide frequency range. Often used for fingerboards, it softens the high frequencies when used on maple.

We also work on other projects using African Mahogany as wood for body and neck, as well as Ebony for fingerboards.

All woods are specifically chosen and combined to achieve a distinct guitar sound.

The woods we use are naturally seasoned for 5 years before they are shipped to our factory where they usually stay for another year before being used. At this point the moisture content is around 15%, which is not yet good enough for lutherie work, hence we kiln dry to 8% moisture at the factory and then stock it in a dry room prior to use.


oiled-bone-nut small

The nuts on our guitars are made of Oiled Cow Bone in order to provide great tone as well as maximum tuning stability.




Neck Profile & Fingerboard Radius

11-inch-radius small
For maximum left-hand playing comfort, we developed a medium C neck profile; we like to put a fair amount of mass on the neck as it is the area that produces the highest amount of vibration on solid bodies in general. We apply the same principle to the headstock, which is slightly bigger than a standard headstock; this helps to get an even tonal response all over the neck.
The Magneto fingerboards have a radius of 11" (280mm) as this represents the most comfortable curve for both chord and solo work and enables a decent string action.


steel-tone-tremolo small

All Tuners and Hardware are custom made to our specs by Gotoh here in Japan. We use Cold Rolled Steel Sustain blocks guaranteed to be lead-free. The high density produces more sustain and better string differentiation.  Depending on the models, our saddles are made either of steel plate or brass barrels, all with perfect intonation capabilities.


Tuning Gear

sg-360-gotoh-tuners small

We use die-cast high precision 14:1 ratio tuners made by Gotoh, featuring Gotoh's "Rock-SolidTM" string post system that keeps the posts in perfect position for maximum tuning stabilty. The old regular oil has been replaced with the "Lubri-CoatTM" which is a Solid Lubrication Coat that reduces friction between the gears, resulting in a very smooth feel and longer life for the tuning machine head.



narrow-jumbo-frets-6105 small

Our frets are made of traditional 18% silver nickel material made by Sanko in Japan. On the Sonnet and the T-Wave we mainly use a 'Narrow Jumbo' which is similar to a 6105 fret.


Truss Rod

quick-set-truss-rod-nut small

The Magneto necks possess standard single rods. Single truss rods require the removal of less wood from the neck, which we prefer for retaining tone.

The Magneto Quick-Set Truss Rod Nut enables fast and easy setting of the neck relief; this can be achieved between 2 songs!


Pickups & Electronics

mtl-1-pickup small

As the combination of the woods and hardware materials has a great influence on the overall tone of the guitars, we design our pickups accordingly, creating the best possible balance. In terms of pickup design, we favor lower-output pickups to obtain better dynamics.

Our pickups are custom made and scatterwound to our specs here in Matsumoto, and we use the following materials:
mag-stagger-pickup-poles small- Alnico 2, 3 or 5 magnets (depending on the pickup model)
- Enameled 42 gauge pickup wire made in Germany
- Modern Staggered poles (SCC-1)


-  SCC-2 Single Coil Neck (Sonnet Models)
Wire : Enameled 42# - Turns : 8'200 - Magnets : Alnico 5 - Resistance : 6.21 K - Scatterwound
-  SCC-2 Single Coil Middle (Sonnet Models)
Wire : Enameled 42# - Turns : 8'400 - Magnets : Alnico 5 - Resistance : 6.39 K - Scatterwound
- MTL-2B Single coil (T-Wave Models)
Wire : Enameled 42# - Turns : 10'000 - Magnets : Alnico 5 - Resistance : 8.3 K - Scatterwound
- MTP-2N Soapbar (T-Wave Models)
Wire : Enameled 42# - Turns : 9'000 - Magnets : Alnico 5 - Resistance : 8.0 K - Scatterwound
- MHN-2B Humbucker (Sonnet Models)
Wire : Enameled 42# - Turns : 5'150 - Magnets : Alnico 5 - Resistance : 7.8 K - Machine Wound

In combination with these, we use the following electronic components:

- CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply) Real Audio Taper Potentiometers with max 10% Tolerance. Still USA made and still the most reliable pots you will find.

- CRL Pickup Switches. USA Made, for years of trouble free operation (25'000 cycles index life!) Made of brass with silver plate and epoxy insulation.

- Switchcraft Output Jacks. The Chicago-based Switchcraft company offers trouble free ouput jacks since 1946. We use nickel-plated copper alloy ¼" phone jacks built for a mechanical life of over 10,000 inserts/withdrawals.

Vintage Style Cloth Wire. AWG 22 solderable copper wire with cotton braid.

All the above components were used in the 1950s/60s and are some of the very few items still available today. We're fortunate and proud to be able to use such high-grade materials.


pg shield

In terms of pickups, we believe in real single coils or humbuckers. In order to create the best possible signal to·noise/hum ratio and hum protection, we protect the cavities in the following way:

·Dottite is painted in the inside cavities. Dottite is a carbon-based conductive coating that ensures the best shielding protection. (Dottite is lead-free and does not use fibers.)

The Magneto Pick-Shield pickguards are designed and custom built by Magneto Guitars.

Composed of either an aluminum or copper plate combined with a polycarbonate base, the Pick-Shield pickguards do not only offer exceptional visual effects, they have originally been conceived as a shield to reduce hum to the max. Both aluminum and copper, best known for their electromagnetic shielding capabilities, will close the pickup cavities and create a so-called Faraday cage.

We place a lot of importance on this extra work as it enables the use of real single-coil pickups without too much hum or any external electro magnetic radiation.

In short, your guitar will be extremely quiet (bearing in mind that putting it 2 inches away from an amp transformer will always create the hum effect.)

For the same reasons, our Aged White pickguards are protected with extra aluminum foil.


The instrument bodies are finished with a hand rubbed Nitrocellulose Lacquer, the same type as the DUCO automotive lacquer used in the 1960s, or by today's auto restorers. (We mention this because most of today's Nitro finishes are acrylic based, which is slightly different.) The cellulose resin-based lacquer allows us to make a thinner surface, which enables much better resonance. Thickness of the finish is a key issue in our finishing process: a thick coat (being nitro or any other type) will dramatically alter the tone of the woods it is applied on. The total thickness of our finishes does not exceed 0.15-0.18 mm.

For our necks we use a very thin acrylic urethane finish. The neck is the area that the player will touch the most. For this reason, we prefer acrylic urethane for the neck, as it is slightly more consistent and has a pleasing, less sticky feeling than cellulose resin-based finishes.

Temperament, Intonation & Fretwork

Our intruments are designed with respect to the classic guitar tone based on 12-tone equal temperament. At Magneto guitars, we pay particular attention to the intonation of the guitars, and our luthiers are trained to achieve the perfect fret and nut job for perfect intonation. Here again, no computerized step is involved in the whole process except the use of a good tuner.

Chords ring like a bell everywhere on the neck.




 eric gales magneto 300



Grand Master

Blues guitar phenom Eric Gales was born and raised in Memphis, learning to play at age four from older brothers Eugene and Manuel in imitation of their upside-down, left-handed style (a tradition actually passed down from their grandfather, Dempsey Garrett, Sr., who was known to jam with the likes of Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf). Winning his first blues contest at 11, four years later Eric signed to Elektra to issue his 1991 debut LP.

...excellence redefined.




 Andy Jones Web 300


Among the Stars...

Andy G Jones has played with Van Morrison, Cliff Richard, James Ingram, Lamont Dozier, Queen (Brian May and Roger Taylor), Dean Bradfield (Manic Street Preachers), The BBC Radio Big Band, Patti Austin, Hamish Stuart (Average White Band), Lalo Schifrin (Hollywood film composer Bullitt, Mission Impossible), Hank Marvin, Grady Tate, Agnetha from ABBA, Dudley Moore, Sarah Brightman, Petula Clark, Madelaine Bell, Smooth Jazz star Richard Smith, Chris Standring, Jerry Lewis (The Nutty Professor, King of Comedy), Katherine Jenkins and Darcey Bussell, (See the live DVD from the O2 Arena – ‘Viva LA Diva’ and the South Bank Show on the show in which Andy was heavily featured), Laurie Holloway and has toured with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  Since leaving Van Morrison, Andy has been in Cliff Richard’s band and played at the Queen’s Jubilee Concert which also featured Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Paul McCartney. He has just returned from Australia where he played on a live Cliff Richard DVD at the Sydney Opera House.

...keep your feet on the ground.




 Magneto Tim Pasley web


Home on Stage & Studio...

Tim is a guitar player and songwriter living in Nashville, TN. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Tim began playing guitar at age 14. Tim quickly jumped into touring after moving to Nashville in 2013, playing for country artist Chris Cagle, Maddie & Tae, Sara Evans, and currently touring with country duo Thompson Square.When not on the road, Tim has been working closely in the studio with Verge recording artist Scott Stevens. Tim can be heard playing guitar on Scott’s tracks, and was also a co-writer on Scott’s first release of 2020, “Country Soul Survivor”.

...working musician!




 ADP2 Small


Stellar tones...

Alexander David Potts aka ADP was born and raised (by two prolific artists) in Southern California and started his musical journey at age 15 when he got ahold of his first guitar.  A graduate from the prestigious Berklee College of Music he has toured all over the world with bands and artists such as: The Memorials, Lauryn Hill, Jordan Knight (New Kids on the Block), Mina Ledesma, Adam Lasher, Elevation Theory, Mike Green and many others.  He is endorsed by companies such as: Supro, Boss, Roland, Jim Dunlop, Pigtronix and EQD.  He is a talented songwriter, producer and film scorer and is currently living is Los Angeles California continuing to work with some of the biggest artists and producers in the world…

...from the city of angels.

Instagram: adp333

Email: apotts333(at)



 Andy Reiss Magneto 200px



Legendary Tones

Andre Reiss is a talented and versatile guitarist who has made his home in Nashville, TN, for over 30 years. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, he moved to Nashville to establish a career as a professional musician, and he has enjoyed a very successful career. Feeling equally at home in a variety of genres, Andre has focused his career on working in the recording studios, and has recorded with a wide variety of artists, including Miranda Lambert, Kenny Rogers, Amy Grant, Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, Leanne Rhimes, Beegie Adair, Pete Christlieb, Lori Mechem, Willie Nelson, Slim Whitman, Slim Pickens, Mandy Barnett, and many, many others. He performs most Monday nights as a member of the legendary “Time Jumpers”, a Grammy nominated group of Nashville studio musicians that includes Ranger Doug (Rider In The Sky) and Vince Gill as it’s members. The proud father of two children, Andre has also focused on education, teaching seminars in area schools as well as giving classes at the Nashville Jazz Workshop.

...poetry in motion.




Val Lupescu Magneto Endorsement web s


Ultimate Session Man

Born in Romania, guitarist Val Lupescu moved to the US at the age of 12. Val graduated from FIU in Miami with a BA in Jazz Performance. His musical background includes jazz fusion group the V-loop trio as well as Country, CCM and Rock recording sessions and songwriting in Nashville, TN. In May 2014, Larissa‘s song “Livin’ In Today“, reached #1 on the ICM charts. The song was written by Larissa, Val and Alex Kline. Val also has a song on the new Scott MacIntyre CD “Lighthouse“, released Sep. 2014. “Sacred Space” was written by Scott, Val and Marcia Ramirez at a songwriter retreat in May 2013. Val also played slide guitar on Brian James & the Revival‘s debut EP released in July 2014 which you can check it out on iTunes here.

Val is available to collaborate on recording and songwriting projects in town or via Skype. You can stay in touch with Val on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. He is currently playing in Nashville with the V-loop Trio, Little Allen Loop and blues artist Cara Being Blue.

...talent redefined.




Magneto Photo Nate Sapian web 200


Player, Songwriter, Teacher

Guitarist, session musician and performing artist from Australia. Nate SAPIAN is hailed as a unique and exciting player with a signature sound that encompasses blues, jazz, funk, rock, soul and country styles..





Caijian magneto 534


Imperial Guitar Wizard

Teacher of Jazz Guitar at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music. Demonstrator for various brands such as Whistle effect device / USA or SSaudio / Taiwan China. Founder of Blackbox; a professional musical instrument evaluation company.In 1999, Caijian formed a Prog Metal band named „020”, the band has been touring for many years and are one of the best rated bands in the Guangzhou area. In 2002 Caijian decided to make a radical change in his approach to music and turned to Jazz. He studied for years with Tommy HO, a famous Jazz Guitarist in Hong Kong.

Today Caijian excels in various musical styles such as funk, jazz, rock and fusion

...pure talent from the delta of the Pearl!




Kevin Dailey Magneto1 300px 


Guitar tones from the sky

Multi-instrumentalist, record producer, composer, and member of South African alt rock band Civil Twilight. Whether touring internationally, recording with his own band, or in his frequent session work around his hometown of Nashville, Kevin plays his T-Wave, creating sweet sounds that move fluidly between rock, folk, jazz and americana. up the world!




emily elbert 300 


A trademark sound

Emily Elbert weaves together a soul-folk blend that is equal parts introspection and celebration. With a global spirit and do-it-yourself passion, the songstress has lovingly carried her music around the world, playing over a thousand independent shows from Peru to Palestine. Anchored by intricate guitar playing and an old-soul voice, Emily’s music offers progressive perspective while paying tribute to the timeless. She has opened for acts including G. Love & Special Sauce, Kaki King, Victor Wooten, Robben Ford, and Richie Havens, garnered awards from the U.S. and U.K., and attracted over two million YouTube views. Emily has independently released four albums, and is currently touring internationally as a member of Esperanza Spalding’s band.

...from remarkable to exceptional



 Bryan Baker Press HeadshotSmall2


Born to innovate

Master of unconventional, jazz influenced and rock flavoured progressive guitar virtuoso. Intriguing, intense & inspiring, was born to redefine music...

...constantly evolving.


norbert galo magneto handmade guitar

Norbert GALO

The art of Resonance

Soundtrack writer, producer, arranger, touring troubadour, good-vibes generator & platinum session guitarist for artists such as Josh Groban, Deep Forest or Charles Aznavour. Amateur of boutique gear and quality musical instruments, writes music as a message of unity and peace…

2020 marks a milestone with the release of Mr. Galo's most personal works; a masterpiece named "All blues" and available on all major platforms.

...the craft of sound design



philippe mege magneto handmade guitar

Philippe MEGE

World Musician

Philippe Mege, is a creative musician,music teacher, music producer andan analog electronics engineer from Cognac, France. Raised in a multicultural household bathed with music, Philippe inherited the finest delicacies of Western culture. From age 12, Philippe has been constantly connected with great international artists and performing through Europe, USA and Asia since 1992.

Philippe lives in Beijing since 2010 and is teaching guitar, bass, ensemble classes and electronics for music at Beijing Contemporary Music Academy.

...unlimited talent!




 fabtranzer magneto portraitSmall2


Art of Tones

Recording artist, studio ace and connoisseur of tone. Pioneer of web-based recording sessions, preacher of high-end everything, photographer, social activist, and piston head. On a mission to communicate complex feelings with just a few notes...

...tone, not talk.




yamin alma magneto web s

Yamin ALMA

The sound of freedom

At age 23, he decided to give his music a more intimate turn, to broaden horizons and start a new career. Yamin Alma was born and raised in the South of France and decided to move to London at age of 22. Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer. Yamin Alma delivers his first self produced EP called "Freedom Soon", a rock & pop flavoured opus with African-American and Anglo-Saxon influences. Smiling yet tormented, Yamin is one of these charming people crossing all musical boundaries with great ease. Never quite here, not quite there his will to escape from clichés with melancholic melodies on tight grooves...




 pic fred 1


Art of Blues

Blues artist, guitarist extraordinaire, deluxe-sideman and overall nice guy. Devoted his whole life to playing the blues, guitars, tours and expressing the right feelings with or without a guitar. Currently on tour with legendary french singer Jacques Dutronc...

...true feelings.



perry live s


Northern Tones

Multi-instrumentalist, grammy winner, originally Swedish, road-tough and studio-tight sideman, voted to be one of Denmark's best guitar players. Started music with the piano at age 5, drums at age 8 an found his way to the guitar at age 9. While touring with Dänish stars such as Allan Olsen and Sebastian, he likes to explore new directions with his own music...

...going from good to great.




AndreasLund s

Andreas LUND

Royal class

Danish guitar virtuoso, session player and songwriter. Picked up a guitar at the age of 5 and hasn't stopped playing ever since. Well known for his melodic playing style, distinct tone and flawless technique.

...a class on its own.



 athit1 300


Mover & Shaker

Guitar player for Thailand's most happening Pop group: "The Mousses", spends his time on the road, on TV sets, in Music Videos, driving the crowds insane, playing his T-Wave Sen and keeping the Mousses guitar tones going strong! giver !  



uros planinc


Positive Player

Rock guitar pioneer, bandleader, instrumental music maker, positive player, serious with humour, has been touring all over europe with various bands and artists out of the rock scene. Currently touring all over Slovenia with the Uros PLANINC Group and keeping his instrument's voice intense …

...dancing on the fretboard.  





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"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

- Chinese proverb -

At Magneto guitars we are fully aware that our activities have an impact on our planet. Despite the fact that a lot of our work is done by hand, there is no way that we can keep our work a 100% carbon neutral for now.

However, we always had a true respect for the the world that surrounds us and especially for its wonderful nature. Hence we have taken the decision that as of September 2020, we will plant a tree for every guitar that we are building. Why? Well because trees are vital; they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to the world's wildlife, not to mention that we are using woods to build our guitars.

In this vein we have decided to collaborate with the enterprise Reforest'Action in order to make sure that these trees will indeed be planted in the areas which have the most urgent needs.

 Logo Reforest Action web


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